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Organ/Keyboard and violin

The duo with organ and violin is a classic combination for the wedding ceremony. Two instruments melt each other to create a suggestive sound. Here are some exemples.

Organ/Keyboard and voice

The combination with organ and soprano singer is one of the classic and more requested ensemble for a religious wedding. The repertoire can be choosen by the couple with the review and the approval of the priest.

Organ/Keyboard, violin and lyric voice

The formation is comprehensive and thorough and it guarantees a high variety of resonances, creating a smooth and romantic sound. The repertoire is very varied.

Harp and Violin

The harp can create a very dreamy athmosphere, and thanks to its shape and size it gives an elegant and romantic halo. A classic duo with a tender and intense sound.

The harp can be also used at the party.

Only harp


This formation can create a sophisticated athmosphere, but unique at the same time.


You can add the cello to the previous formation to create something more singular.

Strings quartet and voice

A tasteful and rich formation.The string quartet and the voice, elegant and classic, composed of two violins, viola, cello and voice offers to play the greatest hits of music for the ceremony.

Strings quartet

The string quartet, elegant and classic, composed of two violins, viola, cello offers to play the greatest hits of music for the ceremony.

Flute, oboe, trumpet

Flute, oboe, trumpet and different more instruments can be used to enrich every kind of ensemble.

Strings trio

Violin, viola, cello.


Posteggia Napoletana

Arechi Group offers the typical “posteggia Napoletana” during dinners and events. The show consists of playing the most beautiful and traditional Neapolitan songs, going through the tables engaging people to sing and join the happy performance.

The formation is composed of guitar , mandolin/violin and male or female voice.





Acoustic Neapolitan/Italian

The band plays the most beautiful and colorful Neapolitan and Italian songs, rearranged with a swing style, going through the tables engaging people to sing and partecipate.


Piano Bar/Live Music

The piano bar/live music solution offers a duo with keyboard and female voice, with the possibility of choosing another instrument, that can be sax, trumpet, violin. They play different kind of music and songs, from classic Italian and International songs to 70/80 dance revival.



Lyrical tenor and piano


Folk music show (tarantella, Pizzica, Tammurriata, …)

MUSICA POPOLARE show with MUSICASTORIA group plays folk and traditional Italian music (from II world war) with copyright works and singing and traditional dancing.


A real Musical Trip that goes through the Charleston athmosphere of the Twenties and Dixie sound, to the swing rhythm of the brilliant and crazy 40-50’s, but staying up-to-date with new songs. The traditional outfit and the professional LINDI HOP and SWING dancers complete the perfect vintage mood.



Smooth Jazz /Swing / Latin Jazz / Bossanova / Pop jazz / Dance 70/80/90/Revival

The smooth jazz is a jazz sub-genre with similar characteristics to the fusion, pop and rhythm and blues music, but more easy and catchy. The band repertoire goes through jazz standards to swing, bossanova, pop, to 70/80/90 revival dance.

Dixie quartet

Very popular in America in the 20’s, Dixieland music generates with the fusion of the strict and detached music played by “white people” and the impulsive and intuitive “black music”.


Cover Bublè-Sinatra-Martin

Male voice, sings Michael Bublè-Frank Sinatra covers with elegance and finesse, played by different instrumental formations.

Music and homebrew Beer ``AGRADO``

Every musical combination can be accompanied by the fresh-brewed beer corner.

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