Danilo Gloriante – violinist

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Danilo Gloriante

Coming from an artistic family, he took a Diploma in violin at Conservatory of Salerno and a Diploma in mandolin at Conservatory of Aquila.

He can boast a large number of collaboration both in classic and in pop music. 

With the Orchestra Dimi, in Rome, he played many concerts: “Concerto per il Papa” (Rai Uno) directed by M°Frisina, “Concerto di Capodanno dal Quirinale” (Rai Uno), the musical show “Suggestioni sonore”at Teatron Theatre in Naples, conceived and directed by M°Beppe Vessicchio. He played with M.Modugno.

Currently he plays with the Orchestra of Teatro Comunale G.Verdi in Salerno, with the “Orchestra da Camera della Campania”, with “Nuova orchestra scarlatti” and “I solisti di Napoli”.

With his father he created “Gruppo Arechi”, planning many events, shows and performances, also abroad: Pittsburgh (U.S.A) , Bruxelles (Belgium), Wohlen (Switzerland).

For ten years he’s been working and studying about folk music and plays it in a group, “Musicastoria”.

He teaches violin at I.C. statale “A. Moscati” Pontecagnano (SA).

Paolo Gloriante – tenor

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He’s been practicing his singing skills since he was a child with the aid of his father, also a tenor singer.

He continued to study at Conservatorio of Salerno with M°Disegni and Conservatorio of Avellino with M°Tizzani. He sings at Teatro comunale G. Verdi in Salerno, at the music school “DOREMIX”  in Salerno, at music academy Beethoven of Bellizziand at the school in Serre.

Despite his young age, with his very powerful voice he can easily sing from Verdi and Puccini repertoire.

Paolo Molinari – guitarist

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He took a Diploma in Classic Guitar at Conservatory of Benevento, then he studied jazz arrangement and improvisation with M°Mancinelli and P.Condorelli in Naples.

In 2000 he took a Diploma in Jazz Guitar at Conservatory of Potenza.

He created and arranged musical parts with many theatre companies, he playes with Renata Fusco (Walt Disney voice) and collaborates with Warner Bros.

He teaches guitar at school of Torrione (Salerno).

Info and Contacts

Salerno - Via Fabio Mario


violinist: +39 347 4875240

tenor: +39 328 37888886

guitarist: + 39 339 7209936

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