Arechi Group is composed of the violinist Danilo Gloriante, the guitarist Paolo Molinari and the tenor singer Paolo Gloriante. 

Together for over ten years, they play traditional Neapolitan music and much more. The group organises events, shows and performances in Italy and abroad, including, when needed, other musicians to complete an Orchestra made of 12 elements. 

They played several times in Rai (La vita in diretta), Mediaset (Uomini e Donne, Festival di Napoli).

The team has joined prestigious events, playing at Cavalli’s birthday in front of the singer Zucchero, for Albano Carrisi, for the model Claudia Schiffer at her birthday, for Leonardo Di Caprio and his friends during a private dinner and for the Senate President Schifani. 

With multiple and exchangeble musical formations, Arechi Group offers different solutions to accompany your event and classy ceremony.

Info and contacts

Salerno - Via Fabio Mario


violinist: +39 347 4875240

tenor: + 39 328 3788886

guitarist: + 39 339 7209936

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